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VSTAR Universe S12A Japanese🇯🇵 Booster Box

VSTAR Universe S12A Japanese🇯🇵 Booster Box

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Product Features:

  • Each Booster Box contains 10 Booster Packs.
  • Each Booster Pack contains 10 random cards.
  • Features an array of new and iconic Pokémon in exciting art.
  • Beautiful celestial-themed packaging, perfect for collectors.
  • Officially licensed Pokémon product.

Embark on a cosmic journey with the latest and most anticipated Pokémon card set of the year - the Pokémon VSTAR Universe Booster Box (Japanese Edition)! Following the popular tradition of High Class sets like VMAX Climax and Shiny Star V, this new expansion is brimming with your favorite Pokémon in striking and innovative artwork.

The VSTAR Universe Booster Box delivers an exhilarating gameplay experience with the debut of VSTAR Pokémon. These formidable beings boast greater HP and more potent attacks, complemented by their unique VSTAR powers that can radically shift the dynamics of any battle. Venture into the stellar realm of Pokémon, featuring well-loved characters and the exciting introduction of new Pokémon VSTARs, designed to astound both veteran Trainers and budding Pokémon enthusiasts.

This booster box promises a minimum of two VSTAR cards, with the thrilling possibility of unveiling rare, shiny VSTAR variants and an array of other special cards, including Full Art, Hyper Rare, and Secret Rare cards. 

Packaged in a beautifully designed, celestial-themed box, the Pokémon VSTAR Universe Booster Box enhances the allure of your collection and is an ideal gift for any Pokémon fan.

Embark on your interstellar Pokémon VSTAR Universe journey today! Discover powerful new Pokémon, strategize with epic gameplay tactics, and unlock the secrets of the cosmos. Harness the power of Pokémon VSTARs and aim for the title of the ultimate Pokémon Master. Train On!

    Please note: The selection of cards can vary, and the contents of each booster pack are randomly assorted. The chance of finding particular cards varies by pack.

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